As human beings, we are imperfect. We are born with original sin that is passed down through generations. Baptism cleanses us of that sin and initiates us into the life of the Spirit, union with Christ, and membership in the Church.

What Happens at a Baptism?

  1. The child is brought forward and the priest or deacon traces the Sign of the Cross on their forehead. The parents and godparents do the same.
  2. The child is blessed with the Oil of Catechumens to strengthen them to turn away from evil.
  3. The priest or deacon says a prayer over the baptismal font asking God to bless the water for the baptism.
  4. The child’s parents and godparents profess the family’s belief in God and the Church on behalf of the child.
  5. The priest or deacon pours water on the child three times, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
  6. The priest or deacon pours Sacred Chrism on the child to signify their new life of holiness with God.
  7. The child is clothed with a white garment signifying their Christian dignity and is told to bring that dignity unstained into heaven.
  8. A parent or godparent lights a candle using the Easter Candle to signify the child receiving the Light of Christ.
  9. The priest or deacon says a prayer asking God to bless the child’s ears and mouth so that they may hear God’s Word and proclaim the faith.
  10. The priest or deacon says a prayer asking God to bless the child and both parents.


Baptism for Children

When parents bring a child for baptism, they commit themselves to make a home where their family lives the Gospel every day. Godparents and members of our community promise to support the parents in this commitment.

Call the parish office at 563-588-1433 to schedule the child’s baptism and to complete baptismal preparation.

Baptism for Adults

Baptism for adults is part of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

If you desire to be baptized in the Catholic faith and you have not yet been baptized in any other Christian faith, please contact Ann Sirianni in the Parish Office to begin preparation.

Parish Office: 563-588-1433

Celebrating Baptism at St. Joseph the Worker