Fall 2020 Series

To Get There Together

Some days, the road ahead of us seems impassable. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as the pandemic, systemic racism, and natural disasters hinder our journey forward. 

But, in these clearly unprecedented times, we must remember that Jesus never gave up when meeting adversity. 

As a parish community, whether we walk together virtually or in person, God’s love will sustain us and guide us. 

We have the power to collectively be the light our world needs. 

And we’ll get there. Together.

Join us September 6 – October 11 for our new series, “To Get There Together,” as we take a closer look at how we can trust in God and help our neighbor in these challenging days.

We’d love to reconnect in person or, if you’re unable to gather with us in church, join us online for 8:30 a.m. Sunday Mass live on our YouTube channel. 

Learn more at theworker.org

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