The Weekend of February 16-17

This Weekend at SJTW

This Weekend at SJTW

Father Paul joins us for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time.

In the Readings

First Reading Jeremiah 17:5-8

In the First Reading, Jeremiah tells us that if we only care about and seek for the things of this earth, we will be miserable and will never find joy. But if we put our hope in God and seek to do His will, we will find joy everywhere.

Second Reading 1 Corinthians 15:12, 16-20

In the Second Reading, Paul reminds us that we believe Jesus rose from the dead and that means we believe we too can be raised from the dead. We follow Jesus because we believe in God and in the life to come after this one. Jesus was raised from the dead. We can be too if we trust in God and do His will.

Gospel Luke 6:17, 20-23

In the Gospel, Jesus tells a large group of people that the poor, the hungry, the weeping and those who are hated because of Him are blessed and will be joyful in the life to come. He then warns that the rich, those with plenty to eat, those who laugh now and those praised for worldly deeds will find misery because they only care about life on earth and don’t put their hope in God or do His will.

At Mass

3rd Sunday Social Justice Collection3rd Sunday Collection

This weekend’s Third Sunday collection will go to support the House of Hope in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. This home educates and cares for boys under age 18 who come from the slums in the region. The vast majority of them have lost both of their parents from the AIDS virus. Thanks for your generosity!

Children’s Liturgy

There will be Children’s Liturgy of the Word at the 8:30 and 11:00 Masses. All kids between the ages of 5-10 and their guardians are invited to Martin Hall following the Gloria.


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