The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

What do we celebrate today?

Today, we celebrate when Mary was taken up, body and soul, into heaven at the end of her life on earth. Catholics believe that Mary died in the presence of the Apostles. But when her tomb was opened, no one was inside. Her body and her soul were taken into heaven by the power of God’s grace.

Why is it a Holy Day of Obligation?

When we reflect on Mary, our Lady’s Assumption, we also contemplate our own eternity. When our own earthly lives are over, we pray that by God’s grace, we may join Him and Mary in heaven. On a feast celebrating such an important part of Mary’s life, we honor her by receiving her son in the Eucharist.

“We celebrate Mass on the Assumption to give witness to each other we believe that in our Blessed Mother’s assumption, God has begun fulfilling God’s promise of our human kind sharing Jesus’ being soul and body in heaven. It’s an amazing hope to be given! Let’s come to Mass and express to each other we too have that hope!”

Fr. Tom



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