Saying Farewell to Fr. Paul

A Note from Father Paul:

Dear St. Joseph the Worker Community,

This sudden change has come as a surprise to me and initially, was a disappointing turn of events as I had looked forward to joining you as your pastor to continue growing this joyful and committed community of faith. “Man proposes, but God disposes”.

When the Archbishop asked if I would serve as the Judicial Vicar, that was a big “Curve Ball” (that Fr. Tom has spoken of). Yet, over the years I have studied and have gotten several degrees in Canon Law and have had experience as well, so it does feel like a Spirit-led opportunity. I will also be helping at Stonehill and on weekends in Key West.

I believe your Amazing Parish “motto” — “In Christ, everyone counts, everyone matters, and everyone makes a difference” is visionary and inspiring — critical in our world today. I encourage you to keep that going as you move forward.

I THANK YOU for your welcome and hospitality to me. To Frs. Tom & Dave, Councils, Staff, Committees and Ministries: you have been wonderful in assisting me with everything that has needed your gifted hands and heart these last two years. Friends are friends forever. 

AND TO ALL OF YOU, the community of St. Joseph the Worker: who have supported our “Big Heart of Faith” mission appeal, I am deeply grateful for your prayers and contributions. Our NEW school will open in Ghana for our elementary children in September- thanks to many of you! You can find an updated picture of the progress below.

I will pray for you and I ask your prayers for me as we continue to serve God through God’s people.

Fr. Paul Attah-Nsiah

A Change of Plans

Read Fr. Tom’s explanation of the situation here.

Read Fr. Jim’s introduction here.

If you have any questions about this unique situation, call the Parish Office at 563-588-1433

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