An Interactive and Participatory Faith Sharing Program that brings Children grades 1-5 together that helps them grow in love and knowledge of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We gather weekly in Martin Hall.
Our time together begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 7:45 pm. Children may arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class. Children can arrive at 6:15 PM. Parents are always welcome to stay, or they can go upstairs into the church to rest and pray. Some times there may be a special presentation for parents to attend. Regardless, soft light will be on and it will be quiet for you to reflect.
Departure time is 7:45 PM.
Parents are asked to come into Martin Hall to pick up their children. If you have other people designated to take your child home, please contact Linda to clarify.

Holy Communion for Second graders will take place April 14, 2024, at the 11:00 AM Mass.
Children will be asked to dress up for this occasion. 

Regular attendance is important for students to achieve the optimum level of learning set forth by the catechist. If your child cannot attend, call the Parish Office (563-588-1433) and leave a message with Donna Godert. If you do not inform us that your child will be absent, we will call your home at the beginning of our gathering. Your child’s safety is our concern. We need to know if your child will not be present for class.

In order to contact parish staff during class, you may call Linda’s cell phone which is 563-513-1272

When school is canceled or has an early dismissal due to weather-related events, Faith Formation classes in the city of Dubuque will be canceled. If there is bad weather late in the afternoon, check your email for a cancellation announcement.


Grade 1 Jenny Bodensteiner Assistants-Amy Houselog and Diane Zismer

Grade 2 Dawn Brosius

Grade 3 Charlotte Uhlik

Grade 4 Jessica Bormann

Grade 5 Adam Hanten


Linda Frommelt Faith Formation Coordinator—Children and Adult

Mark Bodensteiner Faith Formation Coordinator—Middle/High School/Youth Min


Marie Duster Loie Leytem Fr. Brian Dellaert

Eric Guptail Anna Hoppmann Mark Bodensteiner

Jerry Ihm Sheila Sisler

Casey Stoffel Joyce Sherner

Judy Munshower Linda Frommelt

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