The Call

“Come, Follow Me” is the call from Jesus to Peter, Andrew, James and John.
They already knew of Jesus. Peter’s mother-in-law was even cured by Jesus.
Regardless, it was the miraculous catch of fish that ‘rocked their boat’.
They were fisherman after all.

We are called to Follow Jesus. It’s more than a one-time call and choice.
It is an ongoing partnering. No doubt the experience will be up close and personal.

What does it feel like?
Perhaps it is a nudge, a moment of clarity, unexplained courage,
or an awareness of an ongoing need.

What does a Call look like?
It could be prompted by the experience of Eucharist, a scripture phrase,
shared wisdom of an elder, a heart to heart talk with a friend,
an extraordinary experience, a cherished memory,
or our reaction to a random event, movie or book.

The Holy Spirit moves in our soul. Thomas Aquinas states
“The body does not contain the soul, the soul contains the body”.

Our life is graced with holiness and outrageous possibilities for newness
The newness could be anything from a career decision to a re-framed attitude,
a simplified way of living to faithfulness during trials,
an increase in prayer to a surrender in trust in the Lord.

Lord, may we welcome the newness that responds to your call, ”Come Follow Me”

Image by Brent Nelson | Creative Commons/Flickr

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