Tomorrow is never promised.

Planned Giving

Indeed, some of the greatest opportunities to arrange for your charitable contributions may occur at the same time you are making other major business, personal, and financial decisions, e.g., when you write or revise a will; sell a business or other major asset; plan for retirement; and/or receive an unexpected financial windfall. Planned giving instruments can be simple, or sophisticated enough to provide for a complex array of commitments to families, friends, businesses, and charitable institutions. Planned giving affords individuals of all income levels the opportunity to give something back to the community, as even a small percentage of any estate can be bequeathed to charity.

The Catholic Foundation in the Archdiocese of Dubuque (CFAD) works with donors who wish to maximize their legacy of faith, reflecting their values, passing them to the next generations and caring for people’s needs as God’s children. We assist them with meaningful and lasting impact to sustain our Catholic organizations so that they can always carry out their missions to meet both spiritual and basic human needs in a manner that reflects Catholic values.

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The result of our plans will benefit others we may never meet.

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Partnering Together to Help Those Who Want to Support Catholic Values