Pastoral Council January Update

From the SJTW Pastoral Council:

Our monthly meeting began in prayer offered by Aaron Burke.

Financial Review

A financial review, offered quarterly by Kerry Rogers, outlined for the pastoral council members a summary of the monthly balance sheet as well as an income/expense statement for the month of December and year to date.

Committee Reports

Various liaisons to parish committees reported on their efforts in the past month. The 50th Anniversary Celebration organized by the Parish Life Committee was a success and although not intended to be a fundraiser, was able to offer a small donation to the roof/tunnel repair project. The committee has determined dates for hospitality Sunday as well as the Lenten Buffets. The Communications Committee will continue to focus on communication through the bulletin, screens and website and will allow for 1:1 evangelization to occur through various committees including Parish Life, Social Justice as well as Faith Formation. The Contemporary Worship Committee reports that Dick Beaves will continue to provide contemporary music at the 11am mass at least through Lent. The Buildings and Grounds Committee reports that the school roof is now complete.

Amazing Parish

The Pastoral Council gathered in December for a book discussion of REBUILT. The January meeting included discussion of a proposed way forward for “Amazing Parish” principles to continue to shape the life of SJTW that avoids some of the structural challenges the former model presented. Among those challenges was lack of clarity of who was setting the direction as well as how staff, the pastors, pastoral council and committees communicated with each other. The council discussed a restructuring of the leadership flow chart as we look to build an AP leadership team in the near future.

Council Goals

Pastoral Council will continue to facilitate a process by which the mission of the parish is determined and to serve as stewards of the mission. Goal-setting will take place in the upcoming months as we assess the needs of the parish, identify resources and determine priorities. One of these priorities is to review our sister parish relationship with St. Therese of the Child Jesus. What is its current visibility, support, and purpose in our Social Justice ministry?

Going Forward

The Pastoral Council will continue to serve as a mission-driven group to listen to and represent the wisdom of the parishioners and parish staff as part of the planning process. A monthly report now serves as a mode of communication to the parish at large in an effort to raise awareness of our parish mission and increase the transparency of our efforts.

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