Pastoral Council February Update

From the SJTW Pastoral Council:

The meeting, which was postponed from the week prior due to weather, began in prayer offered by Phil Bormann.

Request from Social Justice Committee

Two members of the Social Justice committee, Bobby Anderson and David Tschiggfrie, gave a presentation which included a request to double the funds currently allocated from the parish to the social justice committee. This proposal springs from two foundations including principles of Stewardship and Catholic Social Justice’s Preferential Option for the Poor. The Pastoral Council had a thoughtful discussion that extended beyond the initial presentation and will prayerfully discern this request and continue the discussion in the upcoming month. Of note, our parish does not currently have a standalone Stewardship Committee, but rather the principles of Stewardship, Prayer, Fasting and Communication are to encompass all committees as outlined by our parish organizational mission chart. We will continue to work toward ways that the PC can better define our understanding of Stewardship and ways we can be more intentional in our stewardship efforts.

Reviewing the Parish Mission Statement

The Parish Mission statement was reviewed and a motion to amend the current statement was made. Amendments will be discussed in the following weeks and may include language that better defines the way in which we serve our parish, larger community and the world.

Amazing Parish

A letter in the parish bulletin recently outlined our efforts with the Amazing Parish initiative. We reviewed the current contemporary music efforts since the resignation of the contemporary music coordinator Christian Stillings and are encouraged by the feedback of those involved in the music ministry and from various parishioners. Contemporary music efforts will continue at the 11:00 Sunday Mass and efforts to introduce new music at the 8:30 Mass were discussed. In the next few weeks, an ad-hoc committee will be working to create an application process to develop a new AP leadership team.

Our Sister Parish Relationship

One of the goals of the Pastoral Council is to review our current efforts with our sister parish in Haiti. Questions were raised about our overall parish involvement, the strength of our relationship with this third world ministry, and the sustainability of support. We will continue to evaluate our relationship with Haiti and provide additional guidance to the parish on our level of commitment in the months ahead.

Going Forward

Our next meeting will take place on March 12th, 2019.

View the official report here Pastoral Council Feb 2019 Report