Fair Trade

Fair Trade Products Available in the Parish Office

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Fair Trade is much more than just coffee!

Fair Trade products are available for purchase in the Parish Office. There are also special Fair Trade sales after Mass on select weekends of the year.


About Fair Trade

Millions of hard-working people around the world live in extreme poverty through no fault of their own. They simply lack access to the information, services, and infrastructure they need to participate as equals in the global economy.  As a result, they do not earn their fair share of the wealth created by international sales.

Fair Trade is based on the principle that people should earn a fair profit for the items they produce. Fair Trade guarantees fair wages to disadvantaged artisans, farmers, and workers. It provides access to the technical and financial assistance that poor people so desperately need and so rarely get in the conventional trading system.  Most importantly, Fair Trade connects these producers with people like you who understand that the choices we make every day as consumers have the power to make the trading system work better for our brothers and sisters overseas.

The Fair Trade Programs creates opportunities for you to bring the values of our faith to bear in the marketplace, and to make consumer choices that help lift our brothers and sisters around the world out of poverty.

Why Fair Trade?


  • It offers respect for the hard work of talented people
  • It provides a sustainable way of life for developing communities
  • Fair trade is anti-slavery, anti=child labor
  • It supports the conservation of the environment
  • It empowers women and minorities

How can St. Joseph parishioners help?

  • Purchase products at the Hospitality Sunday Fair Trade sale
  • Host Fair Trade parties (we can provide info)
  • Have Fair Trade fundraisers for your organizations
  • Encourage your school, work place, organizations to use Fair Trade coffee and refreshments
  • Donate to the Fair Trade fund
  • Give Fair Trade gifts
  • Enjoy Fair Trade products yourself
  • Fair Trade presentations
  • Tell your friends about Fair Trade and the work it does for the poor
  • Go online to discover more about Fair Trade
  • Advocate for change in trade policies to make trade fair for everyone

Get Involved with this Worthwhile Project!

Call the Parish Office at 563-588-1433.

Learn More

4 minute FT Loras video:

Seagoing Cowboys

This link is 28 minutes, but shows that FT is not a recently conceived idea and has a shared interfaith quality: