Month of Mary

The following resource was created by the SJTW Faith Formation Commission:

May is the Month of Mary

Why is May the Month of Mary? For centuries, the Catholic Church has set aside the entire month of May to honor Mary, the Mother of God. Not just a day in May, mind you, but the entire month. Check out this article from the National Catholic Register for a more in-depth explanaition:

Ideas for Celebrating Mary

Looking for prayers, family activities, and other ways to honor Mary? Check out some suggestions on how to celebrate the month of May with Mary from

Right to Life Mother’s Day Weekend Roses

There will be roses available May 8-9 following all Masses. Celebrate the gift of life with a thank you to our mothers and our spiritual Mother, Mary, by giving a donation to the Dubuque County RTL. Suggested offering is $2.00 per rose. There will be someone to hand out roses and collect donations outside the main door under the awning.

May Crowning

Have you ever heard of a May Crowning for Mary or wondered how it came to be and why we celebrate it? Here’s some more info about the history behind it and how to have your own May Crowning at home.

Honor Mary in a Special Way in Your Home

The “Pilgrim Virgin Home Visitation Statue” is part of the work of the Power of Prayer. Every Saturday, the statue moves from one home in Dubuque to another. She arrives at the home around 10:30am and leaves the following Saturday around 11:00am. While Mary is at the home, the family prays the rosary & litany every night (Sunday-Friday) at 7:00pm. They can invite friends and neighbors to join them. Some people even put an announcement in their parish bulletin! The prayers are done by 8:00pm, and no one is expected to serve food or drinks. People might stay to visit, but there is never the expectation of anything more than prayer. All prayers, and even extra rosaries, are provided. It is a great honor to have the Virgin Mary visit your home. When this program started in October 1971, Archbishop Byrne used to visit the host family every week – THAT is how important he thought it was!

We currently have 6 men in the Honor Guard that meet at Nativity to start a rosary and then travel to the 1st home, pray, then move the statue to the 2nd home and continue our prayers. We are back at Nativity before Noon. We would love to have the Honor Guard back to 8-10 men. If you would like more information, please contact Mark Hoeger at 563-213-0477. God Bless you.

A Road Trip with Mary

Are you looking for a road trip? Try visiting and praying with Mary at some shrines in the area.
Here are a few: