Homily for July 14

In his homily for his silver jubilee, Fr. Paul talked about his call to be a priest and the call each of us has to serve God’s people with joy. What must we do to gain eternal life? The answer is to live the Way of Jesus by serving others with love and joy! Whatever the demands on our time and resources, the grace is there to care. The blessing we discover in serving is that the need of another reveals the face of God through some weakness, brokenness or infirmity. In the same way, having our own needs cared for by someone God sends our way brings the face of God to us through them. As you go about your week, look for opportunities to serve others. Think about how that service revealed God to you. Also, say a prayer for Fr. Paul for his next 25 years in the priesthood!

You can read Fr. Paul’s homily here: