Homily for January 20

Homily for January 20

In his homily, Fr. Paul told us about the seven lessons we can learn from the Wedding Feast at Cana:

The Invited Guests

Do I invite Jesus, Mary and Jesus’ disciples (the Church) into my life and my faith journey? Jesus is gentle. He won’t come into my life unless I invite Him in.

Sensitivity to the Needs of Others

Am I sensitive to the needs of others like Mary is? She noticed they had run out of wine and did all that she could to help the couple, including asking Jesus. Sensitivity to the needs of others makes miracles possible.

The Secret of Winning the Heart and Mind of Jesus

Am I obedient and submissive to Jesus? Mary knew that obedience is key to winning the heart and mind of Jesus and told the servers and me to “do whatever He tells you to do.” I need to be a listener and a doer at the same time. When I obey Jesus’ commands, miracles can happen. What is Jesus telling me to do differently this year?

 A Little Push to Get Going

  1. Have I ever had someone like Mary in my life to give me a little push to get going in the right direction? We all need a Mary – someone who will encourage us and help us get where we need to be. Am I being called to be a “Mary” to someone else?
  2. Do I bring the needs of others and my own needs to Jesus like Mary does? Do I ask Mary to pray for me to Jesus? Do I pray for others? Who is on my prayer list right now?

The Empty Spots of Our Lives

Are there parts of my life that are like the six water jars Jesus tells the stewards to fill with water? Do I have unused and untapped talents that Jesus could use for something greater? Jesus can do great things in my life with a little bit of faith and cooperation with Him.

Changing Tasteless Life into Tasteful Wine

Do I believe that with Jesus everything is possible with me? Jesus changed tasteless water into tasteful wine. Do I trust that He can change the bitter experiences, feelings and circumstances of my life into something so wonderful I can’t comprehend it?

The Importance of Mary’s Faith

Is Mary my model of faith? Jesus’ disciples started believing in Him at the wedding thanks to Mary. Her faith is central to the story and the catalyst for the belief of others. Although He was reluctant at first, Mary’s faith is what elicits Jesus’ response. Her faith should inspire me to trust Jesus.

You can read Fr. Paul’s homily here 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2019


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