Family Page – 6th Sunday of Easter

Welcome to the Family Page!

To help you and your family make the most of Easter while we’re stuck at home this year, Ann has compiled some resources and activities for families. We hope you find them helpful!

Sixth Sunday of Easter

In last week’s Gospel we heard about Jesus’ relationship with the Father. This week we hear about his relationship with the Holy Spirit and how love is at the heart of every relationship.

Family Chat

Before you sit down to hear the readings you might think about gathering some instruments (real or homemade, such as a pot and a spoon) to use during the responsorial psalm. Before the Gospel, discuss what words or actions express love. Ask the family members how they know they are loved.

Today’s Readings

  • Acts 8:5-8,14-17
  • Psalm 66: 1-3, 4-5, 6-7, 16, 20
  • 1 Peter 3:15-18
  • John 14:15-21

What to Do Next

For the Responsorial Psalm, encourage family members to use their instruments to “let all the earth cry out to God with joy.” In the first two verses of this psalm, we are told to “shout joyfully” and “let all on earth worship and sing praise to you, sing praise to your name.” We don’t always have to pray quietly – make some joyful noise today!

In the Gospel we hear Jesus proposing something quite revolutionary to the disciples: that God will come and inhabit them and their hearts will become temples of the Holy Spirit. If we say yes to God, He will live in us and we in Him. God offers us a relationship of love, the love that truly desires the good of the other. Talk about how your family can do good things for others…in your own home and those outside your family. And don’t forget to show that love to God as well.

Perhaps the adults in the family could seek different news sources such as the US Bishops ( or Franciscan Media ( Or start your own family bible study; pick a book of the Bible that would be easy for all ages to understand such as Genesis, Job, or any of Jesus’ parables in the Gospels. Another idea would be to create petition prayers that you could use each day in your family prayer. You might also discuss how to donate some time or money as a family to help those in need.

One of the activity sheets for the kids is to make a pinwheel which spins when it’s in the wind. Explain to the kids that wind is one of the forms of the Holy Spirit.

Have a great Sunday!

Activity Sheets