Family Page – 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Welcome to the Family Page!

To help you and your family make the most of this weekend’s celebration while choosing to stay home in light of the pandemic, Ann has compiled some resources and activities for families. We hope you find them helpful!

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Getting Started

As you gather to celebrate this Sunday in your home, ask each family member who is your neighbor and how do you welcome neighbors.

This Week’s Readings

  • Exodus 22:20-26
  • Psalm 18:2-3, 3-4, 47, 51
  • 1 Thessalonians 1:5c-10
  • Matthew 22:34-40

Family Chat

In today’s Gospel, Jesus teaches us to love God and to love each other more than anything else in our lives. This isn’t always easy when we live in a society that seems to focus more on things than on people. Just watch a few minutes of TV and you’ll be told to buy this cream, wear this brand of clothing, or look cool in this car. We do not often see commercials that tell us to be kind to our neighbor and love God.

So what kind of answers did you get when talking about neighbors? Neighbors can be people who live next door or across the street. Neighbors can be the person who sits next to you at work or school. Neighbors can be anybody we meet in our day because each person carries a little bit of Christ within them and we are called to love them.

I was reading a story on Facebook the other day, posted from someone in my hometown of La Crosse, WI. She was saying that a park in La Crosse was not the safest place to be anymore because of drug deals. She also mentioned it’s a place where homeless people gather. She decided to drive through around dinner time one night and noticed homeless people gathered around a picnic table. Then she noticed an elderly couple walking with a picnic basket. She assumed they were walking toward the table to have their own dinner, but what she witnessed was love of neighbor. The older people were handing out sandwiches and fruit to all those who gathered there. The Facebook poster said it brought her to tears and it brought tears to my eyes as I read the post.

Just think what our world would be like if we lived like that elderly couple who used their time and treasure to serve those in need – those people who are neighbors. What might your family do this week to be a good neighbor?

For adult pondering: Consider making this question a part of your daily examination of conscience: “How did I respond as I met Christ in those I encountered this day?”

Have a great Sunday!

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