Volunteer Opportunity: Making Face Masks

Urgent Help Needed for Making Face Masks

If you are able to help SJTW parish during this COVID-19 pandemic by sewing face masks for use by our parishioners, your help is needed and would be much appreciated. Once we are finally able to gather for Mass again, it most likely will only be permitted when appropriate precautions are in place. One of those procedures may be that we will all need to be wearing face masks. SJTW would like to have available between 100 and 200 masks for distribution to parishioners who do not already have one when they return to Mass for the first time. Here’s what is needed.

  • Volunteers to cut out and sew masks at home.
  • Donations of much-needed lengths of elastic for securing the masks in place. This is even more critical than providing cloth for making the masks.
  • Reaching out to other family and friends in the parish and asking them to help if you know they might be able to assist with this project.

If you would like to assist in any of these ways, please contact Donna at the office (563-588-1433), or Fran Paisley (563-590-7096), or Dave Tschiggfrie (563-557-9972). Thank you and God bless you for your care and support of our faith family.

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