Emmanuel: God with Us

Emmanuel God with Us

The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God is the third Mystery of Light in the Rosary Novena to our Blessed Virgin Mary. It meditates on the revelation of Jesus that the Reign of God has already begun ‘within us’. We are called to conversion and forgiveness.

How do you know if the Kingdom, the Reign of God dwells within you?

I meditated on that question by choosing two words that I associated with heaven (the Reign of God). I chose joy and union as my descriptive words. I looked at these two attributes in the character of my life.

JOY: What kind of joy? Joy could mean feeling loved, peacefulness, a lack of fear, trust in God, positive thinking, hope, happiness, being unstressed, calm, etc. I further imaged each of these descriptors in scenes of my life, intuiting which one was specifically more problematic. There may be a few but which one underlies the others. This may require a lot of reflective silence.

UNION: What kind of Union? There are many faces to the word union. Is it praying for others, being cooperative, patient, offering our sufferings to Christ, solidarity, honesty, fairness in social & money dealings, the sanctity of all life, simplicity of life style, or social justice?

I suggest pondering your two ‘heaven’ words. The Christmas season seems a perfect time to ‘make room’ for the newness of life that comes from such awareness, conversion and forgiveness. 

Reconciliation: With some lament, I struggled to write myself a summary sentence of what I wish to change for conversion and peace.The presence of Christ in prayer, Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation gifts us with our Lord’s healing grace, which is the indwelling of the Reign of God ‘within’, Emmanuel.

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