Statement on the US Capitol Rioting of January 6

A Message from Archbishop Michael Jackels:

7 January 2021

Capitol rioting of January 6

On 6 January 2021, we witnessed – live on TV, and in living color – how a group became a mob, a protest became a riot, resulting in deaths, harm to health and well-being, destruction of property, fright that led to fear and flight, and the threat to the common good of right government. Oh my.

Shocked and befuddled, I ask myself: What would Jesus do?

He might express righteous anger (I know I would, and maybe not so righteous). He would certainly forgive, no doubt (I would, too, but find it greatly challenging). He would also call for repentance and conversion (which I’m always in need of): from self-service to self-gift; from pride to humility; from unkindness to charity; from my good to the common good. Not me, but thee, God and others.

Not one of us can stand aside, with arms folded, looking accusingly at others. No, we’re all called to repentance and conversion, to forgive. And if we’re angry, to make sure it’s righteous, and that the sun doesn’t go down on it.

Who was it that said: Be the change you wish to see in the world? And pray, pray, pray for a peaceful transition of government, for the sake of all, and for the healing of our Nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Archbishop Michael Jackels

Archbishop of Dubuque

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