Anointing of the Sick

From Father Tom McDermott:

Anointing of the Sick will be offered at ALL Masses the weekend of Oct. 19-20.

Who may be anointed? Anyone suffering from a serious or chronic illness or facing major surgery may celebrate this sacrament. A recurrence of major illness may be a cause to be anointed, even if anointing has previously taken place. Old age with physical weakness may be a reason for anointing even if no serious illness is present. Small children may be anointed if they understand they are ill and can ask God for help. Youth contending with debilitating anger, depression, or anxiety; emotional or psychological distress, especially if it is ongoing, are certainly reasons to approach Christ the Healer in this Sacrament.

Anointing is not primarily for the dying. The sacrament is meant to strengthen those who are facing a serious life change because of illness, and to assist them by providing spiritual reinforcement.

If you are not able to come forward please stand in your place or notify an usher. We will also come and anoint those in the handicapped seating areas. If you know of anyone who needs transportation, please do what you can to help, or call the rectory office.

Also, with fewer priests available in the city, it is at times difficult for priests to drop what we are in the midst of, to go anoint the sick in the hospital. Please know that we want to share this gift of Grace with those seeking it, and please do call when you need it! But, if you or your loved ones would arrange to receive it at non-emergency times, or when you know surgery is coming, you and they will have more peace of mind should you not be able to reach a priest at a moment of crisis.