An Update from Haiti

SJTW Sister Parish

Here’s an update from Fr. Paul Dorlean at our sister parish, St. Therese of the Child Jesus in Gonaiaves, Haiti:

Grace and peace be with you from the newborn whom we all celebrate in this liturgical season. On behalf of the children of our school and on my own behalf, I come to testify to our great gratitude for all the efforts made to support our parish. By you, divine providence has helped us. This is why we want, with you, to bless the Holy Name of God who looked down on us with compassion. May His glory be celebrated by all the earth. It is also an opportunity for us to take stock of what we have achieved together since our meeting.

The biggest work is the construction of the school which is a real safety net for the children of the area. We have the opportunity to welcome 39 children for both classrooms in a more dignified and more educational setting. We also have a larger capacity. This new construction has largely contributed to strengthening the active presence of the Church in the area and the supervision of children from the most unfortunate families in reference to the preferential option of the Church for the poor. It also gives us the opportunity to fight juvenile delinquency and promote the civilization of love. I keep telling you that there are miseries in the area that stab our heart. My great pastoral solicitude is to witness the sensitivity of Christ the Good Shepherd to the poor sheep. That’s why I’m always attentive to the most basic needs of the children entrusted to me. I have always wanted to fight for the improvement of the material conditions of my children’s existence.

Then our second realization is the construction of the presbytery in the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help of Bienac. It allowed us to welcome a dozen people and even more. The other realization is the support of each month that allowed us to live a calm and peaceful life while we fulfill our mission as servants of the Lord. A big thank you to St. Joseph the Worker!

In short, with the financial support of your parish and your leadership, we have been able to maintain our parish’s works. However, it is with great difficulty that we are able to meet the basic needs of the parish. Thank you for your support. May God fill you personally with His many gifts and continue what he has already started with us and grant peace and health to you and your loved ones.

The ecclesial community celebrates the end of year festivities in a dark and disgusting situation because the economic conditions are exceptionally difficult. While counting on your generous solidarity and your understanding, I wish you a successful 2019.

Many thanks for your continued support. We had a little party for the children of the school. See the pictures below.

May God bring peace and comfort to you and to all members of your families.

Always in Christ,

Father Paul Henry Dorléan


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