Asking the Big Question

Is There More to Life Than This?

Encounter Christ. Connect with Others. Awaken the Faith.


Have you thought about the question, “Is There More to Life Than This?” Come and see.

Alpha is an 11-week series which includes a video and small group discussions. The series is designed to lead a person into an encounter with the person of Jesus, and build on the relationship with Him. We’ll also have a snack or small meal.

By continuing to build upon the relationship with Jesus, one can then share and shape his/her relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and beyond.

Alpha is for developing both a first time spark and for those who might want to reawaken the fire.

Dinner & Fellowship

We will begin with Dinner & Fellowship held in Martin Hall 6:00 PM

Video & Discussion

We will have the opportunity to watch the Alpha video series and faith share together.

What people are saying about Alpha.

“If you want to meet Jesus then Alpha is the way to go. Not only do the videos introduce Jesus is a meaningful way but the people that are part of your group give flesh to Jesus allowing for a genuine encounter. You won’t regret you decision to join. (Father Mark Ressler)”

“I believe the heart of our Catholic faith is a personal relationship with Jesus and then sharing that loving relationship with others.  That message was so clearly and repeatedly spoken in Alpha, and why this experience met my hopes for what it would be.”

“The Alpha sessions exceeded my expectations.  The videos were great and thought-provoking.  The discussions with my table were great.”

“I would say it MET and exceeded my expectations.  What exceeded my expectations were the bonds that developed between myself and the other participants-especially, those that were part of my table group.”

“A greater openness to the Holy Spirit and less fear and hesitancy about where he might lead me.”

“My faith has changed some from being more intellectual to more feeling it.”

“This opportunity opened up my heart even when it was difficult and painful and turn those feelings to Love and Acceptance.”

“I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Alpha last fall. The relaxed atmosphere, fellowship, and great food was so enjoyable. But most of all, the thought provoking video series, and the small group discussions that followed impacted me more than anticipated. For the first time in my life, I truly felt the spark of the Holy Spirit. And I formed great connections with some really spectacular people.”