Petal Project

Petal Certified
Green Ribbon Cutting


The Petal Project is a green business certification program in the Dubuque area. To be certified, businesses must meet five certification criteria:

Water Conservation

This petal requires the installation of flow reducing valves, low flow bathroom facilities, and irrigation systems that only water when needed.

Waste Reduction

To meet the Waste Reduction requirement, we only purchase paper products with a minimum 30% post consumer recycled content, use plates and silverware at events instead of disposable options, and recycle all of our used paper, plastics, and aluminum.

Staff Education

St. Joseph the Worker staff are routinely educated about our green practices and participate in community outreach activities that are focused on sustainability and stewardship.

Energy Conservation

Our heating and cooling systems are programmed to work efficiently during the day and are turned down after hours, and all our lighting comes from compact fluorescents and other low-energy options.

Pollution Prevention

The community uses a minimum of hazardous materials (such as cleaning products, pesticides, and fertilizers) and recycles printer and toner cartridges.


Through the leadership of our Stewardship Committee, our community has made sustainability and eco-friendly practices part of our spiritual life. After several years of participation, St. Joseph the Worker is officially Petal Certified–and the first church in all of Iowa to complete the process!



We at St. Joseph the Worker recognize the importance of caring for all of God’s creation, as well as being the best possible stewards of the funds and resources available to us. Our Petal Project certification reflects our commitment to respect and responsible usage of God’s many gifts.

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