Mission and Vision


St. Joseph the Worker Church:
Living the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a welcoming Catholic community by building faith together through worship, faith formation and service to each other, our community and the world.


We envision…

The Catholic faith community of St. Joseph the Worker Parish
aspires to be a holy people who radiate the love of God
through on-going conversion to Jesus Christ.

We discern God’s call for us by intentionally building faith together.
We actively participate in Spirit-filled worship,
listen to and learn God’s Word,
and serve one another with joy.

We welcome everyone and seek to enrich
and enlarge our community to include all.
We weave a tapestry of faith
by inviting all to share their gifts.
We rejoice in our diversity of age and experience.

The Eucharist is the heart and source of our community life.
We embrace full, active, and conscious participation
as we come together to worship in gratitude
with abundant song and joyful prayer.

As clay in the hand of the potter, we invite the richness
of Scripture and Tradition to shape us.
Learning from and responding to the Gospel
and social teachings of the Church,
we “put on Christ” through the power of the Spirit that transforms us.

Being nourished at the table of life
and celebrating the grace and power of God’s love,
we become powerful witnesses to the Spirit in our midst,
extending compassionate care to one another
through our families, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and community.

Recognizing that we live as guests of God’s hospitality,
we revere and celebrate all creation as gift.
Our faith community, alive and transformed by the Spirit,
commits our hearts and hands to faithful stewardship
in building God’s kingdom together.



St. Joseph the Worker will develop and maintain responsible lay leadership that focuses on the long-term viability of the parish and encourages all members to share their gifts.

Community Life

St. Joseph the Worker will develop and strengthen parish life by promoting an all inclusive faith-filled community.

Evangelization and Faith Formation

St. Joseph the Worker will encourage all to engage in life-long catechesis as an integral part of the baptismal call.

Prayer and Liturgy

St. Joseph the Worker will intentionally build faith together by embracing full, active and conscious participation in the liturgical life of our parish.

Service and Justice

St. Joseph the Worker will identify and provide compassionate care for God’s people.


St. Joseph the Worker will encourage active participation in accepting, caring for and returning the gifts God has given us.

St. Joseph the Worker Parish is proud to be the first church in Iowa to be Petal Certified for its environmental policies.

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