A Note from Carol

A Note from Carol

Authentic Transformation is a CD of Fr. Richard Rohr, who identifies  transformation as conversion to live the 1st Commandment. “Love God with all your mind, heart, and soul and your neighbor as yourself.” He encourages a practice that joins us with the body of Christ, loving our neighbor as our self. There can be many practices but the one that I choose is the Novena rosary. With each decade or sometimes each bead, I can image a person in need of prayer. I trust that the Holy Spirit in union with our loved ones in heaven and earth will indeed intercede with the grace of Christ.

A Novena recounts the life of Jesus Christ and is usually prayed for 54 days, 27 days of petition and 27 days of Thanksgiving. If this is not possible, I feel that once a week for nine weeks of petition and nine weeks of Thanksgiving is a worthy life practice,

When I was with my husband during his leukemia, I came to understand that God‘s grace is miraculous whether a person lives or dies. During his year of treatments and the three months at Mayo, we experienced the miraculous presence of our Lord sustaining us often with signs and wonders. I promised the Lord I would witness that the miracle of faith is not about the timing of life or death, but about aliveness in union with the Lord.

I am a sentimental person, so I will write this!

I love the Catholic faith and cherish my time at Saint Joseph the Worker, but with everything there is a season and so it is the time for me to retire a second time; first from teaching theology at Wahlert Catholic for 28 years and now from working as your Adult Faith Formation Coordinator. I need to move away from computer strain and safeguard some vision issues that are presently stable.

I will continue Night Novena (as a volunteer) from 5:30-6 pm and Walk in the Word from 6-6:30 pm each Monday in Mary’s Corner on the Lower Level of the Parish Center for 18 weeks starting the Monday, November 3, 2019. I invite you to join me for prayer, gospel conversation, decaf coffee, soda and chocolate.

It has been a privilege and honor to work at SJTW. You are such good, holy and kind people who I will dearly miss! I especially thank Fr. Gabriel Anderson for inviting me to work here 3 years ago, Fr. Tom McDermott, Fr. Paul Attah-Nsiah, Fr. Dave Schatz, Deacon Bill Biver, and Deacon Travis King for their loyal, faithful service, and all the staff who made each day a celebration. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

In Christ,


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