Small Faith Sharing Groups

Small Faith Sharing GroupsWhat is a Small Faith Sharing Group?

A group of adults (usually 6 – 12) who meet regularly (weekly, biweekly, monthly) to reflect on Scripture, share life, and pray. Some groups also meet during the Lenten season or to discuss a book or topic.

How are Groups Formed?

The Adult Faith Formation Committee will assist those interested in forming faith sharing groups and will also provide possible materials for use. Often parishioners seek out other individuals on their own and start groups.

If you are interested in joining a small faith-sharing group, contact Carol Lavenz for more information:

Parish Office: 563-588-1433

Some Recommendations

Formation for All

Connect an HDMI cord from your laptop to your TV and follow this link.

Formation for All is a program to explore issues related to Respect Life and Social Justice. Each session has opening prayer, scripture, Catechizes video, questions, witness video, action statement, closing prayer.

Upcoming Topics

October: Respect Life and Social Justice Month

Advent 2017: Politics, Economics and the Care for the Common Good

Feb 11, 2018: Healthcare as Human Right- World Day of the Sick

Lent 2018: Torture, Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

May 2018: 6th Sunday of Easter – Elder Abuse / Elder Care

Daily Readings

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops posts each day’s readings here.

The Witness

The Witness is a great source for discussion material. Consider reading articles by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser or Sunday Scripture commentary by Fr. Bob Beck to help in your discussion.

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