Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Coordinator

The pastoral care coordinator and his team are committed to meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of members of the community.

Our Services

Hospital Visitation

Members of the Parish Staff visit our parishioners in the hospital. In addition to staff visits, a group of parishioners volunteer to share their gift of prayer and presence. They also visit the hospitalized on a weekly basis.
Coordinator – Joan Sampson

If you are going to be hospitalized or have surgery and want to receive the sacrament of the sick call the parish office. Please notify us if you are receiving medical care outside the city.

Nursing Home Visitation

Parishioners volunteer to share their presence and caring concern with those confined to area nursing care facilities. We have around 40 parishioners who are in care facilities. We mail bulletins to these parishioners weekly. If you know someone  confined to a nursing care facility and would like a visitor or a bulletin mailed to them, please contact the Parish Office and call 563-588-1433.

Eucharist to Home-bound Parishioners

There is an ancient tradition in the Catholic Church to extend the Sunday celebration to those who cannot be present. Each Sunday as we sing Ubi Caritas (Where charity and love are, God is there.) Ministers go to homes in our community to share Eucharist. We have around 25 ministers to the home-bound. Please contact the Parish Office (563-588-1433) to arrange for Eucharist to the home-bound.

Meals for the Home-bound

Parishioners work together to provide a meal each month to some of our home-bound parishioners. This program provides a healthy meal for those who cannot cook due to surgery or need assistance in meal preparation. This is another way that our community extends hospitality and care.

Card Ministry for the Home-bound

What a thrill it is for our home-bound parishioners to get mail from their community! Parish volunteers mail cards to the home-bound. We put special emphasis on birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays.


For more information about any of these ministries, call 563-588-1433.

St. Joseph the Worker

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