All Saints Mass Times at SJTW
November 01, 2018

All Saints Day

What do We Celebrate Today? Today, we celebrate all the holy women and men identified as saints. We remember their examples of faith, prayer and love and reflect on how we can learn from them....

Am I ready to follow Jesus on the path to the cross? Will I make sacrifices to serve others rather than asking to be served?
October 20, 2018

Homily for October 21

In his homily, Father Paul talked about being a good disciple. A good disciple doesn’t seek power or glory for themselves. Jesus doesn’t call His disciples into positions of power. Instead, He calls us to...

Rejoice in goodness wherever it exists
September 29, 2018

Homily for September 30

In his homily, Fr. Paul tells us we often refuse to acknowledge God’s good work in the lives of others because they aren’t “one of us,” and that can make us jealous. But God doesn’t...