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Parish Structure

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Pastoral Council

St. Joseph the Worker Pastoral Council serves the parish as the representatives of the parish and shares with the pastor the responsibility of the vision, planning, and decision making required for the parish. Membership on the Council is attained through election by the parish at large, or by appointment from the pastor. The Pastoral Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Parish Office Meeting Room. All meetings are open to parish members.
Members of the 2017-2018 Pastoral Council include:

Chair: Laura Knabel
Secretary: Maria Schmitz
Youth Representative: Jayne Munshower
Staff Members: Fr. Gabriel Anderson, Kerry Rogers
Council Members:

  • Phillip Bormann
  • Dan Brosius
  • Michael Jelinske
  • Mike Lattner
  • Fran Paisley
  • Kathy Runde
  • Kevin Schmitt
  • Crista Weber

Parish Committees


This group plans and oversees the financial affairs of the parish. It develops the parish budget in collaboration with the Faith Formation Commission, Parish Staff members and the Pastoral Council. It is concerned with stewardship and church support, and it supports the necessary administrative and financial resources needed to sustain the mission and ongoing development of the parish community.

Chairperson: Kevin Schmitt


This committee nourishes and gives direction to the liturgical life of the parish and promotes opportunities for the spiritual growth and development of its members. Some areas of focus for this committee are:

  • Coordination and planning of all weekend liturgies and other sacramental celebrations.
  • Promoting development and training of all liturgical ministries.
  • Promoting education of the total parish in area liturgy.
  • Providing suggestions and materials for celebrating the liturgical seasons in the home.

Chairperson: Karen Zeckser

Parish Life

This group encourages family and parish activities that strengthen Christian community, fostering a sense of belonging among all members of the parish. Some areas of focus for this committee are:

  • Developing ways to involve many parishioners in parish ministries and activities.
  • Strengthening hospitality efforts among parishioners.
  • Helping to welcome new parishioners to the parish.

Chairperson: Maria Schmitz

Faith Formation Commission

Unlike other Council committees, this committee operates according to its own Constitution as approved by the Parish Council and the Archdiocesan Board of Education. The primary goal is the catechetical needs of the total parish community. This “cradle to grave” approach assures that all the parish is served educationally according to their needs during the entire course of their lives. The commission oversees the Religious Education Program, Youth Ministry and the Adult Faith Formation Committee.

Chairperson: Dan Burns

Social Justice

This group promotes and enables members of the parish to respond to the social problems of today – giving special care to the poor, the lonely, aged, the oppressed and minority groups. The committee is able to reach out to many through the generosity of the parish community.

Chairperson: Bob Anderson

Building and Grounds

This committee promotes the effective utilization and maintenance of the parish facilities, recording areas in need of repair or replacement and submitting these needs to the Parish Council.

Chairperson: Tim Tranel


The stewardship committee works with other committees within the parish and the parish at-large to educate them on a stewardship way of life, on prayer, on discernment of gifts and on evangelization. Its goals are to recognize the need to give thanks to God for his many gifts and to continue to support the mission of the Church.

The committee educates itself, the various parish committees, and the parish as a whole in the following ways:

  • providing information on the stewardship way of life
  • promoting prayer at meetings and parish gatherings, supporting a strong liturgical life for the parish, encouraging the formation of faith-sharing groups
  • encouraging a wide range of prayer experiences, etc.
  • providing education on the discernment of gifts – to help members of the parish to both understand their gifts and how they can use them to serve the parish and the larger community
  • continuing to promote evangelization, seeing it as an extension of hospitality.

Chairperson: Nancy Helling


This committee works to reach our community and our congregation through media in order to inspire, inform, and invite participation in the life and mission of the Church through social media, technology, public relations, and marketing.

Chairperson: Mike Cyze

Vocation Committee

This Committee works to create within the parish an awareness of vocations to religious life, priesthood and the diaconate, and to foster such vocational activities. The Vocation Committee does this in a variety of ways including:

  • Special educational opportunities on the topic of vocations
  • Use of various media to keep both parish members and the larger community aware of vocations.
  • Observance of Vocation Awareness Week in January and World Day of Prayer for Vocations.

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