Church Windows

The glass windows of St. Joseph the Worker Church bathe the inside of the church with beautiful light. Their artistic beauty reveals to us something of the beauty of God and God’s dream for us.

Robert Leader, the designer of the windows, explained the arrangement and symbolism of the windows as follows: The theme is tripartite: Christ’s teaching on the Mount – The Beatitudes, His Sacrifice on Golgotha – Symbols of the Passion, and the work and qualities of St. Joseph.

Click on an image below to view its name and meaning.



Eye Within Heart

Dove with Olive Branch

Pierced Heart Under Crown

Monogram of Joseph and Mary

Dove Over Interlocked Wings

Joseph's Flowering Rod

The Lillies of Chastity

Dove Hovering Over Basilica


A Roman Whip

The Ladder and Dice

Sponge on Reed

Three Nails and Pliers

The Superscription (INRI)

The Crown of Thorns

Three Crosses

Come Follow Me

Crown Over Flames

Lamb Under Tree

Weeping Eye